About air compressors

Air compressors differ in underlying technologies upon which they are designed and built. For example, we have Displacement Compressors (Piston Compressors, Diaphragm Compressors, Twin Screw Compressors, Tooth Compressors, Scroll Compressors, Vane Compressors, and Roots Blowers). Then we have Dynamic Compressors, which include Centrifugal Compressors and Axial Compressors. And then there are other types of compressors such as Vacuum Pumps, Booster Compressors, and Pressure Intensifiers.

Some types of compressors can be oil-free. For example, we have Oil-Free Piston Compressors and Oil-free Screw Compressors. You can learn all about compressor technologies here.

Majority of our customers, when looking for a compressor, choose between the following three broad types:

Characteristics Suitable for
  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for high pressure
  • Noisy
  • High outlet temperature of compressed air
  • High oil content in air piping
Most general applications where high noise can be tolerated and oil contamination is not a problem
Rotary Screw
  • Low noise
  • Can supply a large amount of compressed air
  • Good energy-efficiency compared to piston-type compressors
  • Relatively low end temperature of compressed air
  • More expensive then Piston type
  • More complex - good maintenance very important
These are the work-horses of the compressors. Suitable for applications where high availability (24/7) is important.
  • Could be either Piston or Rotary Screw types
  • Can deliver 100% oil free compressed air
  • More complex and more expensive than non-oil-free counterpart
  • Somewhat noiser than non-oil-free counterparts
Used in applications where no oil contamination is allowed. Such as:

  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical
  • Scientific
  • Hi-tech manufacturing

We supply a broad range of compressors manufactured by
Atlas Copco and other leading vendors

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